How To: Make puppy chow, the quick and easy way

Make puppy chow, the quick and easy way

I).1.Rice Chex cereal 2.Peanut Butter 3.Chocolate Chip Morsels 4.Confectioner's Sugar are the ingredients.

II). First measure four cups of the Rice Chex in a bowl. Then take half container of chocolate chips and 2 big scoops of peanut butter in another bowl and keep in the microwave about 20 seconds. After that mix both together until it gets smooth after taken from microwave.

III). Then pour the chocolate and peanut butter into the Rice Chex bowl and mix all together. After that take the big plastic bag and pour mixed Rice, chocolate & peanut butter into the bag. The final step is to add confectioner's sugar into the bag and mix. Tie the bag so nothing will fall out while shaking it. After shaking the confectioner's sugar, put the mixed Rice Chex on a big pan.

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