How To: Make spring rolls the professional way

Make spring rolls the professional way

Make spring rolls like a professional! Use pre-packaged purchased wrappers. Have some egg yolk ready. Apply some egg yolk on the edges of the wrapper, so that it can act like glue. Paint it on all 4 edges. You can use a brush for that. The filling is pre-prepared. It is a mixture of vegetables , cooked pork, and cooked shrimp. We will then add ginger and soy sauce to the filling. Take a small amount of filling, so that the spring rolls are thin, because that is how they are meant to be. Fold the wrapper over diagonally, then tighten the fold so that the fold is strong. Close the edges so that the filling does not spill over when you cook it. Use more egg as an adhesive, in case you need it. This is how the spring rolls have to be rolled.

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