How To: Make Super Bowl mini burgers

Make Super Bowl mini burgers

How to make Super Bowl mini burgers

Take an electric griddle and plug it in but don't turn it on. Take one pound of ground sirloin and put it on the griddle. Use you hands to lightly spread the ground sirloin out on the griddle. Once you have spread it out cover it with a piece of plastic wrap that is slight longer than the griddle. Then take a roller and roll the sirloin until the meat is almost touching the ends of the griddle. Take a pizza cutter and cut the slab of meat in half. Then cut the halves into thirds. After you have cut the meat into thirds cut the meat length ways down the middle. Then make two more length ways cuts which will divide the meat into a bunch of little bitty patties. Set the griddle to 350 degrees or medium heat. While the patties are cooking heat the buns in an oven at 350 degrees. Heat the buns for about 5 minutes. As the burgers start cooking separate them and flip them over to cook on both sides. Sprinkle a little kosher salt and pepper on them as they cook. Once the burgers are cooked slice some cheese into quarters. Put two patties and one slice of cheese on each bun. Put out your condiments and you are ready to serve delicious Super Bowl mini burgers.

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