How To: Make Thai curry puff

Make Thai curry puff

1.First take 1 cup of All purpose flour in a plate and 2 cups of same flour in another plate. And then take a stuffer can be anything like sweet coconut, chocolate flavor to put inside the puff.2.First add one tablespoon of vegetable oil to each plate and slowly make it out by hand and add some water and make flour mix. Now separate the 2 cups flour mix into 4 to 5 big pieces and separate the 1 cup flour mix into 4 to 5 small pieces.3.cover the small pieces with big pieces of each. Now just roll the each pieces in oval shape and roll this again by hand. Again roll it in the upside down to get the upper port layer.4.Now slice it down as 5 pieces, and roll it again on the upper port and put the stuff (Sweet coconut) in to the layer and make it to puff shape.

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