How to Make Thai street vendor style kanchanabum

This creative street vendor has invented not only an innovative recipe, but also hand-built the cookware from bicycle wheels and scrap metal. Another example of Thai ingenuity and efficiency, which often expresses itself in the creation of delicious food.

He uses a glove to set just the right amount of rice flour mixture on the hot plate, then a small piece of metal to scrape that off, and into a stack where his wife sells 10 together with a colorful cotton candy they make beforehand. At home you can roll the candy up like a sweet spring roll dessert, we enjoyed it with rice cakes. Follow along with this cooking how-to video to learn how to cook what is more commonly known as kanchanabum. You'll love this street vendor recipe for kanchanabum or rice cakes.

Make Thai street vendor style kanchanabum

Make Thai street vendor style kanchanabum Click through to watch this video on

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