News: Ew, Centipede-on-a-Stick

Ew, Centipede-on-a-Stick

Around the world, creepy crawlers make a tasty snack. Here's a sampling of international insect-fare.

Ew, Centipede-on-a-Stick"Three girls share a snack of shelled beetles and giant fried spiders outside the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia" - the Guardian.

Ew, Centipede-on-a-Stick"Cholula, Mexico. Stopped for some crickets on the side of a hill. Pretty good with chilli" - the Guardian.

Ew, Centipede-on-a-Stick"Skewered centipedes - an acquired taste. Taken at a night market - Beijing, China" - the Guardian.

Ew, Centipede-on-a-Stick"Insects in a Beijing, China market in 2004" - Image Credit.

Ew, Centipede-on-a-Stick"Cooking insects - scorpion soup" - Image Credit.

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