How To: Make quick lunches with food roll-ups

Make quick lunches with food roll-ups

Hetal and Anuja from Show Me the Curry! show you how to make quick lunches with food roll ups. You will need to first add oil to a warm skillet. You can use tortillas or chipotle. The top side with the smaller spots should be face down in the skillet for about 15-20 seconds then flip. Next beat an egg well and season with salt and pepper, then pour it over the tortilla that is still in the skillet. You should lower the heat and cover it for about a minute. Using the spatula, flip it over and cook for another minute. Remove it from the skillet. Add shredded cheese and ketchup. Next, roll it up. You can make cold ones using mustard, spicy mayo spread out to cover the tortilla. Next, add slices of cheese, any cold cuts you want to add, and lettuce. You can also add pickles and olives. Next, roll it up. It's very easy.

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