How To: Make deep fried onion rings on the stove

Make deep fried onion rings on the stove

This video demonstrates how to make Game Day onion rings. For this first you need to take a Spanish onion and cut it into slices so that you can easily take out rings. Then take some flour and add corn meal into it. Then add salt, Kosher salt, cayenne powder and pepper. Mix them together and keep aside. In a dish take some butter milk and season it with salt and pepper. If you wish you can add some Tabasco or hot sauce into it. Take an onion ring and dip it in the flour mixture and shed out the extra flour. Likewise do for all rings. Then Dip each ring in the butter milk mixture and then again in the flour mixture. Then put the dipped rings in hot canola oil and fry till golden brown. The oil should be heated at 375 degrees. Take out the fried onion rings in a tissue paper to drain out excess oil. Serve them hot with tomato sauce or any other dip that you like.

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