How To: Make a $1 soda can popcorn machine

Make a $1 soda can popcorn machine

For your next home movie night, pop some fresh popcorn without using those microwave bags. Learn how you can build a simple popcorn popper made from a soda, beer, or any aluminum can. You can use this in a camp fire, on top of a candle or simply on your stove. Check out this how-to video and find out how to build a home popcorn machine.

Make a $1 soda can popcorn machine

Make a $1 soda can popcorn machine Click through to watch this video on

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ya great way to get cancer-- it's like smoking out of an aluminum bowl.... not very smart -- i'll take an empty stomach over this anyday

calm down---you can get cancer from anything nowadays

its the same danger as cooking plastic containers or even bowls in the microwave, but wait hypocrite, you dont cook out of the microve right? i mean in order to do that it woould mean you would have cancer?

Oh snap, I can't go out in the sun, I might get cancer. D:

probably worse off from any of the butter
this is certainly better than microwaved popcorn

is there any other material that you could you besies aluminum.. like that is already close to that shape?

Thats pretty neat, but why bother? Just put some kernels in a paper bag and microwave.

lol cool

Use an electric popcorn maker and plug it into a 1400 watt inverter hooked to a 12 volt battery connected to a charge controller powered by a solar panel - POP! POP! POP! goes the corn for FREE!

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