How To: Make caramel nut bars

Make caramel nut bars

First you make the crust by putting a bowl of flour and a bowl of brown sugar together into a large bowl. Whisk the flour and brown sugar together in the bowl. Next add two sticks of margarine cut up into smaller pieces. Use a pastry cutter and work the butter into the mixture until you have a bowl full of small uniform chunks. Next pour the mixture into a parchment lined baking pan. It will look really crumbly but that's okay. Once it is poured into the pan use your hand to smooth it out and level it out in the pan compacting it down. Put it into the oven. Next make the caramel sauce. Start by boiling one cup of water over medium heat in a pan. In a large bowl mix together a large bowl of brown sugar and smaller bowl of flour. Use a whisk and mix the brown sugar and flour together in the large bowl. Pour the brown sugar and flour mixture into the boiling water. Whisk the mixture in the boiling pan until there are no lumps in the mixture. Keep the mixture on medium high heat and boiling. If it starts to foam up or looks like it might burn stir the mixture occasionally with the whisk. If it looks like it will boil over turn the heat down a little. The mixture will thicken up as it boils and is stirred. Once it is thick you can take it off the heat. Add the rest of the ingredients, a small bowl of margarine, some salt, a little more flour, a little vanilla, and two tablespoons of soy milk. Whisk the mixture together until it is smooth with no lumps. Take the crust out of the oven and dump the caramel sauce on top of the crust in the pan. Use a pallet knife to spread the caramel sauce over the whole crust and into the corners. Add nuts evenly over the top of the caramel nut bar pan and bake for ten more minutes in the oven. Take them out and let them cool for a few minutes and then put them in the refrigerator to finish cooling. After they are completely cool you can cut them into squares.

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